iPhone 8 Rumours and Launch Date

It is now 2017 and information on the new iPhone is starting to slip out. The iPhone 7 was released back in September, and we know the next invitation is going to come out in September as well because Apple always follows the same trends. Typically the odd year phone they just add an S to the name, but this year you shouldn’t be expecting the iPhone 7s. The iPhone coming our way this September is full of loads of changes, so with this Apple is going to jump straight to the iPhone 8.

iPhone 8 changes

When the iPhone 8 launches in early September you will notice that it no longer has any bezels. This means the 5.8 inch AMOLED screen will run from edge to edge. A significant change you will notice right off the bat with this screen is it is now curved. Curved screens give better viewing at all angles, and also fights glare better than a flat screen. The iPhone hasn’t had a major screen update since the iPhone 6, so most iPhone users will be happy with this change.

Another significant change is the removal of the home button. Removing the home button might confuse user because they may not know how to operate the phone as well and may also be wondering where the Touch ID sensor is going, but don’t worry nothing is going away completely. Instead of removing the home button, speakers, and the front facing camera allows the screen to be bigger without increasing the phone size because they are removing the bezel. Apple is going to move the home button, Touch ID sensor, front facing camera, and speakers all under the glass. These changes are a significant innovation, and no phone on the market has done this.

The case isn’t just changing by removing the bezel and curving the glass. Rumor has it that the back of the case is no longer going to be metal. Instead, it is going to be curved glass. This will help the phone feel natural and comfortable in your hand. It will also remove bending problems that past iPhones have encountered. Some user may worry that because if the back is glass, then it can crack like the front screen, but the glass used will be durable, and you always have a case to protect it.

The camera is one thing that is not going to be changing much. Apple updated the camera well in the iPhone 7, so there is no need to do much. They will be adding augmented reality features, but outside of that, it is going to stay with the dual lens system. Some say that they may up the megapixel count, but 12mp seems to be the sweet spot, so Apple probably won’t change that.


The thing is the iPhone 8 is still well over six months away, and these rumors are just that, rumors. Some like the curved screen are pretty likely, and not changing the camera much is likely, but others are up in the air. One big rumor is that Apple is going to release three versions of the iPhone 8. They will have the standard one and the Plus model, but they will also have a high-end model. This high-end model which is being called Ferrari is where we might see all the significant changes. The standard iPhone 8 and the iPhone 8 Plus may only have a few of the changes. The standard versions will be a lot more like an iPhone 7s where the Ferrari model will be the more different true iPhone 8. You will just have to wait till closer to September to find out.

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