Our Selection of the Best Projectors for 2017

Movie nights at home are made better with the right projector. For a home movie night, you would want a home cinema projector. For an office project, you would want a business projector. A portable projector is small and lightweight making it easy to transport. The main difference between the two projectors (office and home cinema) is the office projector should be used in an entirely dark room, and the home theater projector requires some light.

Now that you understand the difference between the two, you must have an understanding between LCD, DLP, and LED which explains how light is projected in each projector. LCD stands for liquid crystal display and are similar to the technology found in a television set. DLP uses digital light projection which uses small mirrors to project the image. These projectors are typically used in movie theaters. LED stands for light emitting diode and provides a brighter, clearer picture. This information is important when looking at budget projectors. The following three projectors are perfect for family movie nights and office projects.

ELEPHAS Full Color 130″ Portable LED Projector

This small and lightweight projector is ideal for a home movie night. This projector is excellent for showing a slide show for your child’s graduation, watching a sporting contest, or showing a new DVD. It has an HDMI plugin for easy connection to a computer or laptop. This projector also has the capabilities to use a USB drive or an SD card making it adaptable to your needs. The ELEPHAS projector is worth every cent.

Optoma HD141X Full HD 3D 1080p Projector

If you can afford a little bit more for 3D capabilities, this projector is the one to buy. The Optoma has full HD resolution abilities and has a built-in 10W speaker. This projector does have one major drawback for optimal 3D viewing. The 3D capabilities require a lot of space between projector and screen which may not be possible in every sized home.

Crenova XPE460 LED Projector

This projector is the most affordable and compact. It is easily transported to the office or your friend’s house. The screen will adjust from 37 inches to 130 inches. The Crenova is silent which is an important feature when trying to watch a DVD. The only drawback with this projector is it does not come with the HDMI cable required to easily connect to a laptop or computer.

If you are purchasing a projector in 2017, any of the above projectors would be a great fit. Each one of the projectors has its benefits and drawbacks. Choose the one best for your needs.

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