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    About Wired Wessex

    Wired Wessex

    Wired Wessex aims to help micro businesses in the Wessex region by providing individual guidance and support whether starting or growing your business.

    Wired Wessex remains the ‘friendly’ network with peer to peer sharing of experiences by bringing people and businesses together in a supportive and welcoming atmosphere.

    Wired Wessex provides a forum for companies to match their skills, products and services thus providing its members with new business opportunities which in turn helping each other to flourish and grow.

    ‘This organisation is instrumental in providing a platform for like-minded companies to share experiences in a structured and professional manner’

    Dennis McCarthy – Pica Design Ltd

    The Wired Wessex support network offers its members a number of key benefits:

    • regular networking opportunities with peers
    • potential new customers and increased revenue
    • opportunities for collaboration
    • free promotion through our online businessaccess to external investment
    • skills and training
    • group programmes aimed at helping you start and / or grow your business
    • support with marketing and PR
    • access to a free legal helpline
    • access to a free business finance helpline

    ‘Overall, I would say it is by far the best of the local business network organisations I belong to’

    David Hazel – Enchaine Informatic

    If you want to be part of this friendly and supportive network where you can find help with your own business, establish valuable new professional contacts and make new friends, all on a relaxed and informal basis, then join us at Wired Wessex.