Training for Your Business

    Training for Your Business

    Wired Wessex has linked up with Solent Training & Development Ltd to offer members

    discounted rates on their state of the art online training solutions, from MS Office applications and Desktop Skills to high end Business Skills which cover a wide range of today’s critical management topics including Internet Marketing. Simply choose the course you would like to take and then contact us for your member discount code.

    E-learning differs from traditional classroom teaching in that it allows companies to select how and when to study. Rather than being tied to attending classes at a particular time and at a particular location, it allows anyone with access to a computer to learn at their own pace without ever having to leave the office.


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    Companies are likely to see significant cost savings because they are relieved of the need to pay for trainers. E-learning also resolves issues related to offering the same training programme to staff who are based in different work locations.

    The online catalogue includes:

    End User Business Skills Development
    Improve your business management, time management, project management, and negotiating skills.

    End User Desktop Computing
    Learn computer basics. Find out how to use common desktop computing applications like Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, and Outlook.

    Personal Skills Development

    Brush up on your interview skills and put a powerful resume together. Learn Quick Books, Quicken and Works to enhance your employability

    Technical General
    Study the latest technical topics from CompTIA to Oracle to Novell.

    Technical Microsoft
    Learn the latest in technical Microsoft topics and help prepare for the MCSE core and elective exams required to earn Microsoft certifications.

    Technical Web Development
    Learn how to create everything from simple to complex, interactive Web sites with Web development courses, covering the latest in Web technologies and e-business.. Learn Internet Marketing and put your business online.

    European Computer Driving Licence
    ECDL (European Computer Driving Licence) courses help learners prepare for the ECDL examinations by gaining a basic level of competence in using a personal computer and in using particular applications.

    For full details of the courses available click here. To receive your discount code use the enquiry form.