Finance for Your Business

    Finance for Your Business

    Your business finance questions answered…

    Wired Wessex is pleased to provide a business finance helpline, in partnership with Wessex-based business finance boutique, Business Solutions Unlimited.

    This service will provide subscribers with access to quality practical advice on the following issues:

    •  Banking arrangements, relationships and negotiations
    •  Sources of finance for your business
    •  Working capital management
    •  Cashflow issues and credit control
    •  Succession planning
    •  Acquisitions, disposals and mergers

    If you need help on any of the above matters, please fill in the enquiry form.


    Business Solutions Unlimited

    Information and Special Offers

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    Enquiry Form

    Please use our enquiry form if you have any questions.


    Find answers to frequently asked questions here:

    •  I’m making profits but my bank says they cannot support me with the finance I need, what can I do?
    •  If I want to sell what is my Business worth?
    •  Our business is too small to bother with management accounts, isn’t it?
    •  How do I choose an accountant?
    •  Who or What is a Business Angel?
    •  All banks are the same aren’t they?
    •  My bank charges seem high, can I get cheaper banking elsewhere?

    General funding information

    There are three basic forms of external funding available:
    Grants – funding which does not require repaying but usually requires ‘matching’ from other sources as a condition of grant.
    Debt – Funding which you have to pay back, with interest.
    Equity– Funding for which the investor acquires a share of your business.

    For more information on some of the funding available click here…


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    Business Solutions Unlimited and Wired Wessex make every effort to ensure the accuracy and completeness of this material however no responsibility can be accepted for loss occasioned as a result of relying upon such material.